U.S. Gun Runners an independent motorcycle group                                                                                                                   https://usgunrunners.tripod.com/


 U.S. Gun Runners  2008 thru 2013






U.S. Gun Runners was a Social Motorcycle Group based in Western Massachusetts, Springfield and the surrounding areas (with no affiliation to any other organization with any similar name). Their members rode motorcycles of all makes and models, were not brand specific and did not care what you rode so long as you could safely maintain highway speeds during group rides. Their members earned and wore their rider proudly.


The original intent of their organization was to create a military Veteran's motorcycle Riding Club. Gun Runners VRC. With the many preexisting clubs and organizations dedicated to veteran's causes, it became obvious, that while good intentioned, their idea had been achieved by others who came before them.  Not desiring to reinvent the wheel or duplicate existing clubs, they chose the path of a social motorcycle group that rides. Their membership was comprised of original founding military veterans as well as civilian members. There are many very important veteran's causes that needed participants. When they could, they did participate in activities that directly and positively affect the quality of life of our military veteran's and their families as well as other community events.


The U.S. Gun Runners was a Social Motorcycle Group, not a Club. Why? Their members were married and single career minded motorcycle enthusiasts. If you had created a livelihood that involved prior commitments to family, job and whatever else is important to you U.S. Gun Runners did not ask that those bonds be broken or compromised by putting the Group before them. Integrity is a characteristic they valued. If you held true to yourself, family and friends they respected that. The U.S. Gun Runners was a Social outlet for like minded individuals who rode motorcycles. When together they were a family of sorts, riders who looked out for one another, behaved respectfully, rode motorcycles and equally important, had fun together as a Group. When individuals who have integrity are together, they have no trouble taking care of business and working as a team. Just as so many of them did while serving their country as military service members in all branches of the armed forces. 


 While much can be said about a motorcycle group after it has come and gone, please know this - The members of U.S. Gun Runners held firm to their beliefs and held true to their morals. The majority of membership felt it best to dissolve the the group as they felt the name of their organization no longer accurately described the mission nor direction the group was headed. Not being comprised soley of military veterans and lacking time to support veteran causes, the group, as a whole, felt it best to ride as friends, and not as an organization identifed by a logo or patch. Brotherhood lasts forever as you may or may not know. If you want to know happened to U.S. Gun Runners, it's here for the world to read. Truth be told. Anything else is hear-say. Nothing more, nothing less.